Wedding Packages

We believe in capturing every moment from start to finish to help you relive your special day over and over again 

Save The Date/ Pre-Wedding Video

Letting your family and friends know about the big day is just as important as the wedding day itself, I mean, how else are you supposed to know how many seats and plates to reserve? We want to make that moment special and simple with your very own SAVE THE DATE or PRE WEDDING videos. You can also consider asking your friends to be a part of the bridal party with a special video. Forget all of the paper invites, and choose to email, post, and share your video with everyone you plan to invite.

Wise Owl Wedding Standard Package

When the big day comes, every detail down to the last pedal on the centerpieces needs to be captured. Our expert media team covers all the grounds without missing any of the precious moments. This package contains a three person crew, capturing the ceremony and reception on professional cameras with drone and GoPros available. It comes with a recap of 7-9 minutes delivered digitally with music and graphics, and a 60sec trailer to share on social media with your friends. 

wise owl destination wedding package 

We have traveled to cities, states, and countries all over the world, to capture the a couples wedding festivities, and we can do it for you. From late night bonfires, to Catamaran day trips, and intimate family dinners…with our expertise, creative vision, and keen ideas, we will be unlike any team you could ever find to film your destination I DO's.


Our work was featured in

World Bride Magazine

Watch the full video to see us take our cameras to Cancun, Mexico