Media Training + Interview Preparation are forms of communications coaching that prepares actors, hosts, artists, business executives, and others facing the media, for the various encounters they will have with the public & press.


What You'll Learn

Do you get nervous speaking to the press? Do you fumble and stumble your words, or lose track of what you're saying?

Our prep courses cover many topics and key areas needed to rid these habits, and make you an expert in communicating with the press. 

We are not here to make you sound rehearsed, structured, or robotic. Instead, we build on your strengths, and improve your weaknesses by performing exercises, speed rounds, and other creative tactics to cover a wide range of areas needed to master the media.

We work with actors, artists, athletes, influencers, business executives, entrepreneurs, and any individual that faces press and media, to learn the tips, tricks, and tasks needed to make an impact in your interviews, while creating effective soundbites, and pr for your career and brand. 


Private Lessons

Private Lessons provide one on one training that will focus on areas that need improvement while honing in on the strengths of the student in a comfortable Environment.

The two-Hour sessions go in-depth on delivering the key messages to the press with impact, while understanding the levels of Mass Media that will be encountered throughout the promotional journey. 

We have affordable and simple package options to help you get started, click below to get our media training deck with our rates.

Red Carpet Refresher

Need a refresher to get you comfortable before a red carpet, or quick preparation before a press blitz or media junket, we offer a one hour session to help you anticipate and prepare for the week of Interviews ahead.

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When business is growing it's Important to prepare your Executives, cEO's, and Staff, for the media and marketing Developments that can occur. whether your Launching a Promotional Campaign, Documenting new video content for your company youtube Channel or social platforms, or dealing with a company crisis, the media will follow the trends and news to get the story, and if you're not ready For it you could misrepresent yourself, your company, or your product.

We help you and your team deliver your key messages while not losing your nerves. this form of communication skills can also help when presenting business pitches, speaking at conferences, and seminars. 

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Why Wise Owl?

Wise Owl CEO, Karla S. Escobar, has worked with top industry talent and companies for more than 10 years. her Industry Experience Has lead her to effectively prepare Actors, Artists, Hosts, Business Executives, CEO's, and more for interviews with top media outlets, for Press Blitz's, public speaking Engagements, Summits, panels, Conferences, and other situations that require polished communication skills. 

Wise Owl provides simple and affordable options to get you started with media training. From private classes, and workshops, to out of state training, we have choices that make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for to grow in your communications skills