Self Care Work Breaks

After an amazing holiday season and new year, people are eager to start fresh with a clean slate. But keeping that fresh attitude for the next 360+ days may seem impossible with the busy days that lie ahead, which is why it’s always important to put ourselves first and self care. Work breaks are known to relieve stress, and help with productivity, but finding the time or money for a long break may not always be the most practical, which is why I’ve provided 5 simple, affordable, and FREE ways to give yourself relaxing work breaks for the rest of 2019.



Going to get a massage may seem like a pricey investment for some, but there are many ways to get the therapy you need for an affordable price. The cheapest, but still effective way of getting a massage is doing it at home. For little to no cost you can relax with an at home massage, just grab a tennis ball and roll it under your feet to release some pressure, or purchase a massage ball for less than $10 on Amazon, you can also look up some self massages on YouTube for some fantastic therapeutic techniques that actually work. If you have a little bit of money to spend, look for a local spot to get a neck and foot massage, the Shiny Foot Massage, in Reseda, which is my local spot only costs $20 for an hour foot massage, and from a pro (Sara is amazing). Self care doesn’t have to mean tons of money.


Another amazing way to relax and take a break is through a warm bath. Warm bath are said to reduce blood pressure, and salt bath creates anti inflammatory properties to help your muscles as well. I love using CBD bath bombs as a way to relax my body while taking in a good book. If you don’t happen to own a bathtub, a warm shower, or a visiting a local health spa can do the trick. My favorite health spa is CJ Health Spa in Northridge, where you can access their steam rooms, hot tubs, salt rooms, and more for just $20…and their open late.



One of my favorite things to do on a daily basis is wash, clean, and moisturize my face, and once a week I’m able to do a clay mask for some deep cleansing that leaves me and my skin feeling fresh. It’s a perfect way to spend 15-20 minutes laying down and meditating until its time to wash off. But for some, buying facial products can be costly, but that shouldn’t keep you from getting some facial treatments. Pinterest has dozens of homemade face masks that can be made with simple ingredients like honey, green tea, coconut oil, etc… products that won’t break the bank.



Self care comes in different forms, and relaxing your mind can be just as important as keeping your body healthy. Reading books can help stimulate your mind while building knowledge in a variety of areas. It gets you away from a computer, and cell phone screen for a little bit of time as well. Though there is nothing wrong with binge watching an educational documentary, or your favorite show on Netflix, studies do show an increase in brain activity when you reading versus watch TV (Huff Post).



Cooking doesn’t have to take hours, and can be done during a quick work break. There are healthy options for meals all over the web, and taking a break to grocery shop, and cook is easier than it seems. Contrary to what some might think, buying veggies, fruits, and healthy meats, can be pretty affordable, and planning out meals for the week can make cooking quick, tasty, and good for you. I recently started using Imperfect Produce for $20-28 a month for delicious fruits and vegetables delivered twice a month to my doorstep. What better way to self care than with taking care of your body with good eats. It might seems like work, but putting the right food in your body can bring on better energy, activity, and productivity in your daily life, which is worth the 30 minute break in will take to cook simple and healthy eats.

So the next time you feel stressed, or overwhelmed with the daily routine, give yourself some of these self care work breaks and relax.