Top Ten Best Places to Drink Up and Meet Up in LA

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I enjoy having meetings outside of the office because of the social atmosphere you get from not sitting behind a desk. Sometimes I don't have too much time to sit and eat, but still want to find comfort during the meeting and maybe grab some drinks. As a foodie and entrepreneur I've had hundreds of meetings throughout the city, and as a result I put together a list of the Top Ten Best Places to Drink Up and Meet Up in LA for your consideration the next time you plan a business get together. It's hard to narrow down a Top 10 list when you live in such a large city like LA, but these are based on my experiences, I hope you enjoy.

Many places are not being mentioned, so don't shy away from commenting on some of the places you love, and don't worry, there are many more lists to come on the blog Check out the Top Ten list below.

10. Laurel Tavern

A go to when I worked at CBS Radford, Laurel Tavern is still one of my favorite places for drinks and quick meet up. A cool industrial vibe make this indoor outdoor tavern a must visit and great for one on one meetings. They have a hard to beat happy hour with an array of delicious beers on tap and a large selection of wines written up daily on their large chalkboard. 

The Studio City location is near Laurel Canyon, hence the name, so its easy for people coming from WeHo, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills. The prime location also makes it a bit tough at times for parking, so I recommend getting there before happy hour which starts at 5 p.m. Mon-Fri. My favorite thing to order are the fries or cheese plate to share with a glass of white wine.

Note: Though they have a good amount of seating, the layout of the place its not the best for large business meet ups.

9. Nespresso

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Nespresso's cafe in Beverly Hills is a large open space with almost mid century modern looking seating and tables perfect for business meet ups at any time of the day (open from 9am - 7pm). Surprisingly parking is pretty easy in this part of BH, and doesn't cost you an arm and a leg either. With a cup of fresh brewed coffee and baked pastries there is quite a cozy and comfortable feel you wouldn't expect to find in such a busy part of town. The Honey Cinnamon Latte ($7) is my perfect pick me up that I pretty much order every time I meet up here.

8. Idle Hour

Being born and raised valley girl I love researching the interesting history of SFV. I came across Idle Hour shortly after it opened in 2015 not knowing it was originally built in the 1940's. I was driving down Vineland and couldn't help but notice the building that looked like a wooden barrel. I found street parking and once I walked in was in love with the wooden structure that also included a gorgeous outdoor space. The historical monument was closed for over 30 years, but now offers an everyday space in heart of NoHo perfect for business gatherings.

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Their happy hour is from 3pm-7pm a weekdays, which is perfect for a quick appetizer and drink. I also recommend having weekend meetings here because it has an amazing brunch and its near the 101 and 170 freeways to get you in and out of the valley if needed.

7. Casa Vega

Casa Vega is another piece of SFV history, and has been a fixture in the valley for more than 55 years. I discovered this place when I first started working in Studio City driving to an appointment in Sherman Oaks. I was surprised I had never been because I went to school in Sherman Oaks and had lived in the valley my whole life...The place has moody lighting and great service. Its a good place to go early in the day when valet isn't packed and you can find a spot at the bar. With dozen of tequila options to choose from, the margaritas at this place are to die for, and not to mention affordable. This is perfect for small meetings. Of course if you don't drink they have agua frescos like the hibiscus juice on a previous post HERE

6. The Tipsy Cow

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One of the best spots to grab a refreshing drink and sit down for a meet up is the Tipsy Cow. With more than 32 rotating beers, and ciders, like my favorite Pineapple Cider (seasonal), this place has a variety of choices, plus some small bites, or burgers if you're hungry. With an early and late night happy hour you can plan a meeting at any time of the day and save money all at the same time. Parking on the street is pretty easy to find, and for those who don't drink alcohol, they have some delicious shakes including my favorite the Mother Fluffer with marshmallow fluff...its a sugar rush you want to have!

With a new location in Woodland Hills, Tipsy Cow is showing that their love for Cali drinks and cuisine is here to stay. 

5. Nighthawk - Breakfast Bar

Breakfast for dinner why not? The Nighthawk in Venice is becoming a staple in my book for late night meetings, not only because its a huge conversation starter during my meet ups, but where else can I find Spiked Milks and Candied Bacon Mary's to wash down the weekly stress? This sleek spot is a creating a late night LA culture all on its own with inventive meals, drinks, and ambiance that garnered them a new location in Chicago this year. Its nice to know that unlike my past days going to clubs and loud bars to have late night meetings, I can now enjoy a different type of place for meet ups.  Thanks to locations like Nighthawk, that bring a creative, yet sophisticated spin to the city, LA is starting to live the nightlife like cities that never sleep i.e. Vegas and NYC. 

4. On The Thirty

On The Thirty is one of those spots that really celebrates the wine and food culture of California. With delicious artisan pizzas, dozens of small plates to order, and more than 30 California wines, and 30 Cali beers, it's easy to see why the popular valley spot got a new location in DTLA this year. The Sherman Oaks location has a fresh look with booths and long wooden tables that make it a social place perfect for your next meeting. Parking is easy on the street or in their parking structure, and with a two happy hours a day, the prices won't be as intimidating when ordering from their long list of drinks.  

3. Stout Burgers & Beer

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Stout is one of my favorite places to dine in LA period. Not only is it arguable one of the best burger places in all of LA, but their laid back vibe, and quick service make it perfect for meetings. It's never too loud, and the industrial decor make it a fresh place to meet up at any time of the day. With multiple locations including Hollywood, Studio City, and Santa Monica, Stout offers great happy hours on food and drinks, and are always located at in convenient locations with plenty of parking options including valet. They also have non alcoholic beers, and gluten free beers for people who don't drink or want a lighter option. 

2. Gracias Madres

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Never did I think a vegan Mexican restaurant would capture my palette and heart like, Gracias Madres in West Hollywood. Their happy hour menus include food and drinks, including a seasonal sangria for just $7. For those who are looking for non alcoholic options they have amazing virgin margaritas, and micheladas with no beer. The environment with bright white walls, large outdoor seating, and greenery everywhere you feel transported out of the city. I find myself caught up when I have meetings here because its so tranquil, the service is perfection, and the plant based options are too good to be true. This is a perfect place for afternoon meet ups and street parking in WeHo is surprisingly not that bad nearby. 

1. Firefly

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The FireFly has gone through some remodeling these last few years and they've really made the bar area a go to spot. Hidden behind of brush of plants, you may miss the place at first when driving down Ventura, so luckily they have valet right in front. When you step into the restaurant the first thing you'll find is a gorgeous bar with seating leading to a Library bar with book lined up along the walls, it almost makes you feel like you're in the 1920's. Through the back they have drapes over some of the tables for privacy and fireplaces with another bar in the back. This is a great place to meet up with important clients, and though it can be pricey, grabbing a drink and sitting in the library bar for a meeting is an amazing time, and totally worth it when trying to make an impression. This place is only good for late night meetings since it opens after 530pm, but a great place to meet up and drink up in LA.

Honorable mention to Spitz in Studio City, and the Library Bar in LA.