Tongue Twisters - How They Help You With Interviews


Have you ever been been in an interview and fumbled over your words? Do your nerves make you stumble through the question or answer? This is not uncommon, but can be prevented when facing the press. 

Being a field producer I feel like practice has been the true key to allowing me to ask questions authentically while avoiding awkward moments. It wasn't always easy, and eventually doing interviews on a daily lead to me to research into some exercises that could help me be a better producer. I was surprised to find that Tongue Twisters that are used in theater and acting classes, could directly help you as a host or talent.

Tongue Twisters help individuals with pronunciation and fluency when they speak, allowing for a them to deliver their message accurately, while expressing themselves with ease and authenticity, so it is no surprise that it could help those facing the media improve their diction skills. 

As a media trainer it is a must for me to include tongue twisters in my lessons because they really help challenge the student to speak quick difficult phrases and properly articulate all at the same time. And some of them are so silly or challenging that it really helps break the ice it a setting that can sometimes be intimidating. Practicing a tongue twister daily can really put anyone one the fast track better delivery in their speeches, and interviews. 

With that said, I wanted to create a way for you to have tongue twisters on hand to practice anytime. My Tongue Twister Jar is an easy way to have these funny phrases in a compact way that will remind you to prep daily. With the jar you can practice during small breaks before your acting class, do a quick exercise before you hit the red carpet, or take with you on a press tour, not to mention its fats and cheap to make!

Instructions for your own Tongue Twister Jar below.

Practice these tongue twisters by saying each phrase 3x without messing up. Practice 1 to 2 tongue twisters daily. 

I  put together a list of Tongue Twisters, and even created a couple of my own for you to download and print by clicking below, and get your Tongue Twister Jar started.