The Work Break #1 How To Make Frozen Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Working from home and being an entrepreneur has its challenges, especially when you have a house to clean, a family to feed, and errands to how do I balance my time? I try and take work breaks and get ahead on some of my tasks or hobbies, be it prepping food, doing something DIY around the house, or visiting a cool hot spot. My life is always on the go, and on The Work Break I'll be sharing those adventures, recipes, and tips you can use to take advantage of all your time including your breaks.

In this first episode of the Work Break I share my recipe for frozen peanut butter banana dog treats, Dog Bark to be exact. I make this quickly for my pup and she loves them! They are affordable and easy to make, plus way healthier than the normal store biscuits you buy in a bag. 

I try and use the best ingredients and make a nice quantity that will last for weeks. It's also vegan and tasty if you ever want to share a treat with your pet. 

Watch our video and recipe below. Try it out and let us know what you and your puppy think! and stay tuned for more Work Break tips, tricks, and recipes.


  1. Put all ingredients in a bowl
  2. Use wooden spoon or spatula to mash and mix well
  3. place on pre-greased silicon sheet or baking sheet (13") lined with parchment paper 
  4. Pour mix onto sheet and spread evenly with spatula 
  5. Freeze for 90 minutes
  6. Remove from Freezer and break apart like bark or brittle
  7.  Store in glass container for about a month.


  • One (1) Whole Ripe Banana
  • One (1) Cup of Unsalted Organic Peanut Butter
  • Half (1/2) Cup of Coconut Oil - Glass Container Recommended 

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