Welcome To The Owl's Nest

Living out my dream, turned out to be a lot harder than I ever expected. I found myself disconnected from others that I thought didn't understand, giving excuses as to why I desperately needed the client for almost no pay, among many other things that had me shortchanging my business...but, the truth was that the only person holding back was myself.

It was my doubts, fears, and anxiety that nothing would work out or that I would fail that led me to actually consider getting a job again, and giving up my business.

So how do I rid yourself of that and expand? by looking back... That might seem like a bad idea, but when I wasn't happy with my direction, looking back allowed me to see how far I've come, but what improvements needed to be made in order to succeed and never look back again.

I had to re-evaulate why it was that I started Wise Owl Media Group in the first place and what I truly wanted out of the company, which is to hep others find their vision and make it a reality.

In the end my message has always been clear, and now I want to share that message openly through The Owl's Nest.

With this blog, I hope to connect with other entrepreneurs, and businesses that are looking for tips, insights, media training exercises, and more, while letting you inside my world; both the good and the bad that come with it, and living through this journey one step at a time, never looking back again. 

Comment below and let me know what you would like to see in regards to media training, video and post production, and other questions you might have and I'll be happy to share more of what I know with you. 


Being an entrepreneur can be tough, but very rewarding. When I started Wise Owl Media Group I never knew the doors that would open and the amazing support I would be getting.

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