Management + Development

Wise Owl Media Group aims to help artists and influencers grow their Visibility, and career through very personable and transparent relationships with our clients. our goal is to help aline our talent with the best Resources needed to Elevate Their brand through partnerships, Sponsorships, and other important dealings to build a strong foundation for any media facing talent. 


Ezina Le Blanc

Inspirational World artist, author, and Spiritual Healer, ezina le blanc has traveled the world spreading the message to grow your own star.

Her unique style is a fusion of rock music with different music genres including soulful beats, funk, and sacred chants. A lot of what you'll hear on her latest new age album GRACE Available Now for download on iTunes and Spotify.

She uses her poems and music to convey empowering and inspirational messages to her audience. Her inspiration comes from the many sacred texts that she has studied as well as music from her late great uncle Bobby Womack.

Ezina is also the Host for LA Talk Radio's Guitar Goddess Podcast, where she interviews some of the leading female Musicians in the world, while telling their moving and unique stories. 

Stretch A Reason To Wine

Stretch A Reason To Wine is a healthy, unique and highly palatable way to entertain! This stretch class helps participants feel bold and sexy all while tasting wine! Your palette and body will be satiated with this one of a kind fitness Experience from the mind of fitness guru, best selling Author, and reality tv star, craig ramsay.

the event pairs stretch with wine tasting and is perfect for your next party, corporate retreat, staff event, and more.


We Love Our Partners!!

Collaborating is key to our success. We partner with top management agency, Bromfield Entertainment, on a variety of creative and developmental projects within Management.