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Wise Owl Media Group aims to help artists and influencers grow their careers through very personable and transparent relationships with our clients. our goal is to help align our talent with the best resources needed to elevate their brand through partnerships, sponsorships, and other important dealings to build a strong foundation for entertainment projects. 

Wise Owl's goal is to craft their client's vision into reality, through strategic planning, solid placement and innovative action plans that meet goals and establish long-term relationships with the talent they represent


Patti Stanger - The Millionaire Matchmaker

Patti Stanger is the star and executive producer of “The Millionaire Matchmaker” on BravoTV and "Million Dollar Matchmaker" on WETv. An experienced third-generation matchmaker, Stanger founded her company, the Millionaire’s Club, in January 2000.  The Millionaire’s Club knows that chemistry is everything, which is why catering to its members’ precise standards remains its top priority.

Stanger has also successfully branched out into television acting with feature roles on “Drop Dead Diva” and “Days of Our Lives.” She launched her own website, pattiknows.com, in which she features the latest advice on love, dating and relationships.  The site includes a special “celebrity guest columnist” section for fans to follow and get a sneak peek into the world of love.

As an author she has written many books including “Become Your Own Matchmaker,” “Find Your Match,” “Seal the Deal” and “Raise your Desirability Factor” and DVD “Married in a Year,” and audio coaching programs “The Single Girls Handbook” and “Attracting a Soul Mate,” have a loyal, devoted following, and continue to brand Patti as the ultimate “matchmaking expert.”  She was a featured columnist on People.com and in Star Magazine

Patti is also a social media influencer and brand innovator. She created “P.S. Match” wines, which is available on wine.com and in specialty stores across the country. Patti has a successful jewelry collection called Je’Taime.


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Dr. Christopher Metzler

Dr. Christopher Metzler is a political pundit, government strategist, global thought leader, legal scholar, and serial entrepreneur.

An on-camera Television and Digital Personality, he is best known for going beyond the talking points with in-depth reasoning, modern-day voice, and analysis. During regular appearances on CNN, ABC, MSNBC, Fox News, Al Jazeera, HLN, Newsmax, CNBC, OAN, WHDT TV, BBC, Tv ONE, News One, and more, he provides expert commentary on U.S. and global affairs, politics, human rights, human capital, diversity, sexual harassment, trending topics, and law. He has also been featured on the Washington Post, WWD, Money Inc., Page Six, and dozens of other media publications.

The ultimate global Insider, he has become one of America’s trusted crisis managers by flying under the radar helping Politicians, World Leaders, Sports and Entertainment figures, and other high-profile individuals in difficult situations.

A non-Executive Chairman in the global healthcare enterprise, Dr. Metzler’s business portfolio spans wide in the medical and Management Consulting fields, where he stands CEO of Gordium HealthCare, City Place Pharmacy, Next Generation Labs, JMI Consulting, Medicine on Wheels, 911 Urgent Care, FHWFIT and others.

Author of The Construction and Rearticulation of Race in a “Post-Racial” America (2008), Dr. Metzler’s forthcoming works include Divided We stand: The Quest for America's Soul (Post Hill Press, 2018). 


Miss Universe Belize

Our mission with the new Miss Universe Belize organization is to give back through charitable causes, break stereotypes and empower young women by helping them become their personal best. The Miss Universe Belize organization has the exclusive rights to send a Belizean representative to the yearly Miss Universe Pageant. In 2018 Belize will be returning to Miss Universe.

The Miss Universe Pageant has been around since 1952 and continues to have major influence around the world, with over 11 million followers on social media and 1 billion viewers who turn in yearly to the final event.

Belize Organization is now accepting sponsorship partners for the Miss Universe ® Belize Pageant in 2018.


Ezina Le Blanc

Inspirational World artist, author, and Spiritual Healer, Ezina Le Blanc has traveled the world spreading the message to grow your own star.

Her unique style is a fusion of rock music with different music genres including soulful beats, funk, and sacred chants. A lot of what you'll hear on her latest new age album GRACE Available Now for download on iTunes and Spotify.

She uses her poems and music to convey empowering and inspirational messages to her audience. Her inspiration comes from the many sacred texts that she has studied as well as music from her late great uncle Bobby Womack.

Ezina is also the Host for LA Talk Radio's Guitar Goddess Podcast, where she interviews some of the leading female musicians in the world, while telling their moving and unique stories. 



El Peque Reportero - Diego Gomez

Diego Gómez is known as “El Peque Reportero” or “The Little reporter” in Latin America. He is considered the youngest reporter around the world, and until now, the only child in the world to qualify for the Reporter Visa tipe I (2012) from the United States Embassy. With this Visa, he can travel with his profession to do TV, radio, and written press reports.

With help from his family and sponsors Diego has done 7 journalistic tours to the USA, filming reports in L.A., Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvaia and Washigton D.C.  He has been featured on renowned shows such as, “Sabado Gigante” in Univisión, “Al Rojo Vivo” and “Un Nuevo Día” (A New Day) on Telemundo as well as radio stations and press publications.

In September 18 2016 and August 13 2017, Diego won the “Aguila Prize” for two consecutive years as the best junior Christian reporter in Latin Ameria, a prize given by the Convention Expolit in Miami, Fl.



A transformational talent competition to RISE UP Change Agents for the WORLD!  A group of 48 Aspiring Recording Artists ages 18+ will compete to “win” the RISE UP WITH ME TV SHOW grand prize package, that includes a recording project with artist, KANDI LEE and THE RISE UP WITH ME TEAM.  The aspiring artists will audition in person at a RISE UP WITH ME LIVE event or create a 2 minute audition video that will be uploaded for public voting on our RISE UP WITH ME TV show site.  
Each RISE UP WITH ME TV episode will be produced and aired through multiple channels including both traditional TV and social promotion and will include coaching sessions, challenges and elimination rounds. This emotional process will create amazing television. Instead of a reality show that causes drama, it will be a reality show that creates universal change and possibility. 



Created by reality TV star, and fitness guru, Craig Ramsay, Stretch A Reason To Wine is a healthy, unique and highly palatable way to entertain! This stretch class helps participants feel bold and sexy all while tasting wine! Your palette and body will be satiated.

Stretch A Reason to Wine starts off with silky wines and silky stretches and moves toward more bold full body red wines paired with bold full body movements. There's no reason not to wine with friends when Craig makes stretching so entertaining.

Book Today! https://www.stretchareasontowine.com



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